Photovoltaic Thermal Energy - Driving solar PV efficiency while capturing heat energy in each panel. Sydney, Australia.

Our Mission:

To improve the efficiency of PV panels and extend their useful lifetime by keeping them cooler.

PVT Lab provides the tools to harness thermal energy and additional electrical energy from solar panels.

By cooling down a PV panel you make it more efficient and a cooler PV panel degrades more slowly so you can delay its final trip to landfill.

Lucidchart PVT explained

The Goal

Increasing the efficiency of PV panels, capturing the heat generated and lengthening the lifespan of the PV by up to 30%, can all improve your return on investment. On any given day in Australia, a single solar panel can generate approximately 1,500 watts of electrical energy. Depending on the solar panel and local conditions, this equates to 12-15% efficiency.


However, solar panels actually absorb a considerable amount more energy in the form of heat, and thanks to PVT Lab, this energy can now be translated and added to your capture capacity. In fact, the amount of heat energy captured can be more than triple the amount of electrical energy.